The importance of body cleansing and detox

Our metabolism provides the cells and organs the energy required to operate while allowing the expulsion of waste and toxins. Whenever this process does not happen daily, the waste and the toxins start accumulating in the human cells and tissues causing various annoying disturbances. Ultimately, this can led to an intoxicated body and disease, but this can be prevented with a detox diet and a proper body cleansing.
Detoxifying, body cleansing or purifying the body are all preliminary initiatives to regenerate the body, improve general health and well-being and eliminate several pounds of waste and toxins that accumulate in our intestines.
Obstruction of the intestines by waste can become a serious problem and few people are aware that they carry a huge quantity of waste inside the intestine.
Existing waste in the intestine can seep into the bloodstream and spread all over the body. Thus, it can have a direct impact on our quality of life.
It is estimated that we consume every year an average 3.75 litres of pesticides, 5 pounds of Foods and 2 grams of solid pollution. This regardless of all the bad eating habits and lifestyle factors that can favour the accumulation of toxins in the body.
Waste and toxins resulting from food, stress and pollution can block the intestine and make it lose its effectiveness. When this happens the whole body undergoes a gradual poisoning that can endanger the overall health of the individual and this obstruction can become the source for numerous pathologies in various regions of the body, including the digestive tract, the urinary tract, respiratory system, the skin, nervous system, and so on..
A proper body detox can help the bowel to recover its normal functioning. Natural immunity is enhanced and the process of assimilation / elimination is re-equilibrated. After this, the internal harmony is restored the health of the individual improves.
Who needs to detoxify and cleanse the body? All those have one or more of the following:

- Endocrine problems
- Cellulite and fluid retention

- Eyes swollen and bad morning breath
- Problems of cholesterol
- Liver
- Malfunction of the organs of elimination: kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs
- Headaches and nausea
- Digestive Problems
- Chronic fatigue and sleep disturbances

- Excessive fat accumulated, especially in the lower body
- Constipation, bloating and distended abdomen, haemorrhoids
- Excessive weight